about me
My name is Michele de Fina. I have always loved drawing and painting; above all, I have always loved beauty and style, elegance and quality. This passion fostered a desire to create accessories for men and women, and to be personally involved in the entire creative process, from concept to sale.
Thus, in June 2014 I inaugurated the shop in Calle della Canonica, a short walk from the Piazzetta dei Leoncini, next to St. Mark’s Basilica.
Everything I design and produce refers to Venice, to my sense of belonging to this amazing city, and my gratitude for this testimony of a civilization of unique beauty, culture, crafting tradition and worldwide trade. Today, Venice’s cultural heritage risks loosing its identity: for this reason I committed myself to high-quality production, while retrieving the ‘Serenissima’ traditional techniques. Thus, my interpretation of Venetian style embraces the best manufacturing skills of the island of Murano and of the Venetian mainland.